Welcome Lincoln High School Class of 1959 Classmates! 

How To Join

Steps to Join This Site

Below are the steps to follow for joining this site. After joining you can Log In to view all the pages and register for the reunion.

1. Select Classmate Profiles found on the top left menu bar. This opens up a page with all of the classmates in our class.

2. Find your name in the list of names and then click on your name. (If you cannot find your name on the list of classmates, please select Contact Us on the menu bar and send a message to have your name added.)

3. A page appears asking you to Click Here Now to create your Log In. Click the Click Here Now link.

4. Fill in the information requested on the new page.  The email address and password chosen are used to create your unique Log In identity. (See below for a couple sharing the same email address.)

5. Continue and finish your profile.

When done you are ready to see the Profiles of your classmates and interact with them through Live Chat, Message Forum. etc.


Couples Sharing the Same Email Address

If you are a couple currently sharing the same email you can do one of the following:

1. Create a different email address for one of you (see below).  If desired, you can receive email at one common address by one of you adding the shared email as an additional email address in Alternate Email(s):

2. Continue to share the same email address and select a different password to distinguish between each user.  This means that the Log In email address is the same for both of you, however, each of you has a different password. This is how the website differentiates you from your partner. Note: If you share the same computer, one of you has to Log Out and then the other Logs In.


Creating an Extra Email Address

To create an extra email address, check with your current provider first. Here are three free email services to choose from: Gmail , Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. The additional email address is for the express purpose of giving couples unique Log In identities and thus the ability to Log In separately. You can continue to receive correspondence at your shared email address by listing your shared email as the Alternate Email(s).

One advantage of using these free webmail providers is that your email address never changes no matter what company provides your Internet service.